FACT: Quebec has received $221 billion in equalization payments since equalization was created in 1957.

FACT: B.C, Alberta and Saskatchewan will not receive even $1 in equalization in fiscal year 2019-20. Quebec will receive over $13.1 billion.

FACT: Alberta and B.C have a combined population of 8.715 million and have 12 senate seats between the 2 provinces. Quebec has a population of 8.164 million and has 24 senate seats. (all values based on most recent census)

FACT: The National Energy Program, a program considered the most unfair policy ever implemented by the Canadian government, was meant to give wealth generated by the oil industry to the federal government. It cost Western Canada more than $100 billion over 5 years. The policy was created by then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Minister of Energy Marc Lalonde, both from Quebec.

FACT: Quebec opposed the Energy East Pipeline and continues to import oil from foreign countries. All of this while the price of Canadian oil is falling due to not being able to export oil to other markets. 

FACT: The Liberal Party of Canada illegally funnelled millions of dollars into raising awareness about the Government of Canada's contributions to Quebec to convince Quebecers not to vote for the province to leave Canada. 

FACT: Quebec Premier Francois Legault stated "There is no social acceptability for a pipeline that would pass through Quebec territory.", while simultaneously allowing 162 million litres of raw sewage to be dumped into the St.Lawrence River. This exposed his lie that "environmental concerns" are the reason for his opposition to pipelines.

FACT: In 2018 the Trudeau Liberals quietly extended Canada's broken equalization formula for 5 more years. 

FACT: In 2019 Quebec unanimously passed a motion (112 votes to 0) that pipelines from the Alberta oil sands are not "socially acceptable" in Quebec.